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Total DJ

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Music brings people together in ways that other mediums cannot.

music is one of the very few things in life that is immediately uplifting. Hearing one of your current favorite songs in the car can change your mood instantaneously and people often dance with complete strangers and build a relationship from there. That alone makes music a uniquely powerful medium.

The Total DJ methodology is to work with our clients to really understand their preferences. That way we have enough information about the lucky couple and the guest list to make the best music choices possible. We keep everyone on the dance floor the whole night.

Here is just one customer’s rave review.

Trevor and the crew at Total DJ KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!!! Our wedding was wonderful and Trevor and Total DJ made the planning of it that much easier. It felt like we were hiring much more than a DJ. They worked with us to develop a timeline, had so much helpful information regarding the ways things might run, and were just all-around absolutely amazing. They worked with our very specific music preferences and I would absolutely use them again for another event. I have over 6 years of experience in wedding and events planning and have never worked with a better DJ and DJ company. Absolutely OUTSTANDING in every way possible. If you want the dance floor moving, the event to run smoothly, and a professional, helpful, and all-around amazing DJ you will hire Total DJ and will never regret it.

Check out Total DJ for your wedding!

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