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Sounds Elevated

Sounds Elevated is a boutique DJ company based in Berkeley, California.

We provide one-of-a-kind musical experiences for our clients and pride ourselves on going the extra mile every time. We always make sure everything sounds great and looks amazing.

If you're shopping strictly based on the price we might not be the best fit. However, if music is important to you and you want your guests to have an absolute blast then look no further!

Sounds Elevated is able to provide touring festival and club DJs who mix live in the moment. We are also well connected to the live music community and offer our one-of-a-kind DJ/Live fusion, where live players join your DJ for a unique performance experience. Imagine drums, horns, percussion and keys remixing your favorite songs live in the moment with your DJ!

Book with us and relax knowing you've taken care of the entertainment for your wedding! We are not a cheesy DJ Service.

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