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JoSaBi Mariées

JoSaBi Mariées is a wedding dress boutique located in Oakland, California, moving away from tradition towards a personalized shopping approach.

Founder Dafra established her store after her own fruitless wedding dress shopping experience. Being 5″11, she found that key elements she wanted, from form-fitting silhouettes to bling and ruffles, didn't seem to exist in one attractive package. Giving up the traditional approach, Dafra elected to craft her gown from scratch, and with that, JoSaBi Mariées was born. Dafra's ingenuity and creative spirit allowed her to craft a bespoke ceremony and reception dress that complemented her exact measurements, vision, and quality standards.

She aims to achieve exactly the same for you. Inspired by luxury wedding salons, JoSaBi Mariées is built on the belief that everyone deserves the dress they've always dreamed of for their wedding day.

You bring the vision, and Dafra will do the work.

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