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Updated: May 9, 2023

Newlyweds walking through field at sunset

The first time I read those words in a card from one of my clients, I cried. Then, a few months later, a vendor said the same line. While working an event, by the end of the night, everyone was calling me "Mom" because I was there for whatever they needed and it made us all laugh. In looking back at these moments and the feedback from my past clients and colleagues, it makes me proud to think that "everyone needs a Bradie."

Everyone needs that person who will support them, hype them up, keep them on track, and be their advocate. In life, that person is likely your partner. But who is that person for you both during this process? Who is your neutral confidant, director, and supporter? Who is there to guide you through the process and keep your day going smoothly? Who is going to make sure you can relax and cherish each moment?

You need a Bradie.

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