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Wedstimate conveniently connects wedding professionals with newly engaged couples.

We save newly engaged couples time.

Wedstimate allows couples to choose the qualities of each vendor that are most important to them. Then we present the couples with a curated list of vendors whose characteristics match their preferences and meet their budget. It saves our brides-and-grooms-to-be the frustration of having to blindly compare multitudes of vendor profiles.

We save couples money.

In addition to generating a list of vendors tailored to the couple's preferences, Wedstimate also generates packages that showcase what typical pricing is for weddings in a specific region, and creates vendor packages at special pricing.

Couples download the Wedstimate app, for free, to quickly find the vendors that are most suited to their tastes, and to get special pricing on wedding packages.

  • Get access to the best local vendors

  • Get access to special pricing and packages

  • Get tailored lists of wedding professionals especially for you

  • View your estimated wedding cost on your dashboard

  • Download the app and use the service for FREE! (Forever!)

Plan your wedding the easy way. Wedstimate.

We help our wedding professionals grow their businesses.

Wedstimate is a less expensive alternative to wedding vendor directory sites that just show newly engaged couples every vendor in their zip code. Wedstimate is a better value for vendors because we match vendors and couples based on preference. Vendors get leads that are easier to convert into sales, and couples get curated lists of vendors that are the best fit for their dream wedding.

We send our vendors Higher-Quality Leads

Couples download the Wedstimate app and choose the preferences that they want in a vendor, then we connect them with vendors that meet their criteria. Essentially, we send vendors leads that have already expressed interest in their style and price point. Vendors will receive the contact info to follow-up with the warm leads generated through the app and they can reach out to couples and book more weddings.

  • High-Quality Leads – Receive 5 high-quality leads per month guaranteed

  • Criteria Matching – Match with couples based on their preferences

  • Social Media Presence – Get featured across our social media platforms

  • Post Deals – Differentiate your services with special deals and offers

  • Value – Access all of these features for a fraction of what other directories cost

More Leads. More Bookings. More Often. Wedstimate.


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