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2023 Wedding App of the Year!

Wedstimate Named 2023 Wedding App of the Year by LuxLife Magazine

Oakland, CA, June 9, 2023 - Wedstimate, a leading wedding planning app, has been honored with the prestigious title of “2023 Wedding App of the Year” by LuxLife Magazine. This recognition is a testament to Wedstimate’s commitment to revolutionizing wedding vendor directories and matching couples with great vendors and providing wedding vendors an exceptional digital experience.

LuxLife Magazine, renowned for its authority in all bridal trends, evaluated numerous wedding apps based on their interface, features, and overall contribution to the wedding planning process. Wedstimate stood out among the competition for its, efficiency, and ability to benefit wedding vendors and engaged couples embarking on their wedding journey.

“We are thrilled to receive the ‘2023 Wedding App of the Year’ award from LuxLife Magazine,” said Trevor Blake, CEO of Wedstimate. “This recognition reflects our team’s hard work and dedication to creating a cutting-edge platform that simplifies and enhances the wedding planning experience for couples nationwide while revolutionizing the directory experience for wedding vendors.”

One of the standout features of Wedstimate is its ability to generate personalized wedding estimates based on the couple’s preferences. With a few simple inputs, the app shows couples the wedding vendors that match their style and budget, helping couples make informed decisions and allocate their resources effectively.

“We are proud to recognize Wedstimate as the Wedding App of the Year for 2023,” said LuxLife Magazine. “Wedstimate’s commitment to customer satisfaction truly set it apart from the competition. It is revolutionizing the wedding planning landscape for vendors and helping couples turn their visions into reality.”

Wedstimate’s recognition as the 2023 Wedding App of the Year further solidifies its position as a leading force in the wedding planning industry.

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